Monday, 1 March 2010


So, I have decided to introduce you to my tattoos finally! I am rather heavily tattooed, though I have lots of space left. I'm one of those show offs who gets visible tattoos before I work on covering areas such as my legs and back! Eeeek, sorry!

Anywho... I have the following tattooed: hands, knuckles, full sleeves (almost... still spaces to fill/get finished though), chestpiece, side of neck, both of my calves (though only one side on both legs), my feet (unfinished) and a small tattoo on my upper back. Phew!

Today I am going to introduce my neck tattoo! She doesn't get seen often (not even by me) as I have huge hair that doesn't really allow for showing my neck off!

I had this piece done by my most favourite tattoo artist ever (and one of Samboy's too), Eckel. He used to tattoo at Times of Grace in Germany, but now he works out of Conspiracy Inc. in Copenhagen, alongside Uncle Allan.

Eckel also did my hand (I will let you meet Grace in a later tattoo post!), and I was so happy with it that I knew I needed him to do more work on me! I haven't named this lady, but Eckel based her on Red Riding Hood (which is more than fine by me, I think the tale of Red Riding Hood is so creepy and gothic in a childhood storytale kinda way!). I went to Frith Street Tattoo (where he was guesting early 2009 for a couple of weeks) in Soho, London to get this done.

I have to say it really, REALLY hurt and it took all of my willpower not to tell him to stop! It was mainly the part that was near my jaw and back of my head... it felt like he was tattooing my head... which he almost was (he had to shave a little part of the back of my head to tattoo it properly). I'm so glad I stuck with it though as I have never wimped out before, and as it was only a guest spot, I would have had to wait a long time to get it finished. And besides it must bum tattoo artists out when they don't get to finish the piece they're working on! I always feel like one of those real 'hardcore' tattooed people with this tattoo, as when I move my head a certain way it looks like the tattoo is on my face. Which is kinda 'hardcore'! I'm lame, I know!

Anyway, so yeah, this is my neck tattoo. I'm hoping to get Eckel to do a wolf on the other side when he's in the UK next.


  1. That is a very beautiful piece of tattoo. Good choice.

  2. That is so pretty! I can't wait to see more, from ya <3

  3. Oh wow this is gorgeous. I wish the picture was panned out a little more so we could see the placement on your neck a little better. I'll settle though. You're a lucky girl to have such good work on you.