Monday, 12 April 2010

First car boot sale of the year!

This beautiful owl was only £2. There were actually 3 of them and the lady on the stall offered them as 3 for £5 but unfortunately I didn't have much money on me. They would have made lovely gifts too!

These little fellas are awesome! They were only 50p for the two, as one of their tails had broken and been glued back on... Not that I mind about stuff like that, adds character I think!

Pretty pale pink birdy candle holders (I like it when ornaments come in pairs!)

These are so cute, and look pretty old too, which endears them more to me.

Owl teapots! I've seen the cat ones before (as I have two, and Sam has a few!) but never owls... then I go and find two at the same car boot sale, but on different stalls! The one was 50p, and the other I found after for £1.

It was a gooood day for car booting!

* We were in Wolverhampton in the weekend (yet to try out Cardiff boot sales yet!), it is always lovely to see my family, even if it was only for a short weekend. Here's a gratuitous picture of Mikee with Bambi (who wouldn't keep still, hence his blurrines)... and my dad in the mirror!


  1. You got some good stuff!!! I love the owl, he is so colorful!

  2. jealoussssssssssssssssss! love your new display picture too :) x

  3. That sounds like soooo much fun! The owl teapot is super adorable!

    What is a car boot sale? Like a flea market?

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  5. I really like the owl teapot. And I REALLY like your profile picture :) pretty lady.

  6. Sorry Stephanie... kept meaning to reply to your question, and then promptly fogetting!

    A car boot sale is usually held outside (normally in a field in the country, though it can be in a car park or somewhere similar... even indoors sometimes)and loads of people
    bring their stuff in their cars and then pop a table at the back of their car... usually the car boot (trunk?) is open, and I think at the beginning people actually did sell out of the boot of the car, hence the name! :)

    I do love car boots, expecially when it's lovely and sunny out... and the items are normally soooo cheap. Especially as charity shops now are getting so expensive! Are charity shops called 'goodwill stores' in the US? Hehe, it's funny as most of my followers are American so i hope the translations work!

    Thank you so much Dorian, you are always so sweet! You're pretty damn lovely looking yourself!

    And I did indeed have a very lucky morning at this particular car boot sale... I was so pleased with my finds (and their prices!)