Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday Spitalfields

Spitalfield are a band that have a very special place in my heart. I went through a phase of loving emo, bands such as Jimmy Eat World. At this time I read Kerrang! religiously (a UK metal/alternative weekly music magazine) and especially the cd reviews. I read a review of Spitalfield's 'Stop Doing Bad Things' and knew, just knew, this cd was going to change my life. The reviewer even compared the cd to Jimmy Eat World, so I was totally sold!
Anyway, I brought the cd from HMV (was so chuffed to find it so easily) and fell in love with it. They are such an amazing band. They make me miss being younger, and they also make me think of the archetypal American teen movies, there's a certain innocence and naivety to them. Songs about love and loss, and just being young and relying on your heart.
They are split up now unfortunately, though the lead singer Mark Rose has a solo career. But their music still has my heart, and I thought it'd be nice to share some of it on a sunny Sunday afternoon!


  1. I used to stalk Kerrang message boards. Haha, what a chump.

  2. "the haze clears from your eyes. on a sunday." from one of my favorite jimmy eat world songs. I need to check this band out! thanks! :)

  3. i love jimmy, they have got to be one of my fav. bands..they do make me feel like i should be on an american summer-romance road trip!! if youget me?!
    i think i've heard spitalfields before, i'm liking the songs you've posted