Monday, 19 April 2010


So I lied...I am doing an update now as it is currently past 12.30am and I don't feel ready to go to bed (though I am laying on the sofa as I write this!)

I haven't blogged for a little while! Though I have been busy with plans for Vintage Pretty Fayre #3, I have also been feeling rather lazy and uninspired too.

I haven't done as much crafting as usual, as its been a quiet month and I really need to sell what I've got before I make more! Having said that I have made about 6 new notebooks, 10 mini notebooks for the fayre goodie bags (first ten through the door get a bag full of treats from the days sellers!) and some wooden trinket boxes! I found somewhere that sold these awesome hinged wooden boxes and brought rather a few as they were only £1 each. But yes, the last couple of fairs have been disappointingly quiet so I wanted to make sure I didn't spend much on new stock until I sold some of what I have.

I also haven't been up to a huge amount... I did a few weeks of 11 hour shifts as we needed staff cover and I can always do with overtime money, especially as its a rarity in my job! I've been trying to get in two driving lessons a week as both the instructor and I notice a difference when I have more lessons... Looking back I shouldn't have had just an hour a week for so long, it really isn't enough. I'm so wanting just to pass now, I have been taking lessons for so long!

So that's it really, I haven't been up to a huge lot, but I guess we all have a time where we just don't feel the need to blog. I hope that has passed for now as I do enjoy blogging, and getting to know you all through your blogs!

I will post some recent pics on here tomorrow and hopefully have something else to write about!

Oh and lastly! Robyn, I have finally posted your parcel! Did it Friday, once again so sorry for the humongous wait! Xxx


  1. I haven't done much either...but I write about the stuff I do daily, and act like I have a life!

    I definitely go through times when I don't feel like blogging, but then I try to catch myself back up so that I can look back and read about what life was like without big gaps. And then my posts end up super long and people probably don't like reading them, but oh wells!

  2. I LOVE reading your blogs always lady! x