Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Catch up! (Photo heavy)

I love Barry M nail polish (even more so because it's animal friendly!), these colours are gorgeous, they just need a few coats on to look nice and smooth.

The front, slightly smaller kitty-pot is a new addition! Only 50p with two other ornaments (the two dogs on the right handside on the pic below!) Crazy cheap!

Woof woof :)

A present for Heidi from a fair I worked Sunday!

Can you believe I preordered this, collected it on the release day but still haven't started it yet? I just ahven't had the time yet... but this weekend, I think, is Stephenie Meyer time! * I'm not sure what to think, especially as the character is hardly even mentioned much in Eclipse... and Bella and Edward aren't in it much/at all... hmmmmm.

Bambi loves cherry tomatoes... but doesn't really understand them!

A muffin Rashida at work was given by her sister... yum (if it was vegan anyway)!

My first trip to Nandos with Mikee... lovely food, but kinda too spicy for me! Next time I go I think I will just have to say NO spices at all, not even a sprinkle, hehe.


I found this outside on the street :) Mikee made me promise I wouldn't upload this pic with his dirty t-shirt on... but he doesn't read my blog, so boo to him!

New herr! I finally got a new hairstyle! Loving it... and it only took me a couple of hours to braid the dreads in... the best ones I've ever brought, I was so impressed by the girl who made them!

Dolly Dearest is now Santa Macabre... and I must say I prefer my DIY business cards... cheaper too!

Bambi lovin'.


  1. where can i find those animal friendly nailpolish???

    And i love your kitty pot!!!<3

  2. I want some Barry M polishes. We should toally do a swap.

  3. That cupcake is too cute! And I love that your pup likes tomatoes! The only produce that our pup is interested in is carrots...but he loves them a little too much! When I pack my lunch, and he hears the bag come out of the fridge, he will wake up and come to the kitchen just to get one! And how can I deny his sleepy little face?!

  4. I so didn't realise that barry m was animal friendly..super news! thanks for that.

    I love the last photo's of bambi + mikee...that's love right there!

  5. Kim... well, you should be able to buy them online, but if you ever wanna swap one of your beautiful art prints for a load of barry m nail polishes let me know! :D

    Erica... we totally should swap! I could send you UK make-up and you could send me.... erm, cute stuff, hehe :) (No, but seriously!)

    Stephanie... Sabey liking carrots makes me love him even more!

    Kirsty... not all of Barry M is vegan friendly, but most of it is (all the nail polishes are anyway!)