Thursday, 3 June 2010

If Vegans love animals so much,why keep them as pets?
Because we want to love them, provide for them and enjoy their companionship? Its not hard to figure out. Its not like pets nowadays are obtained by going out and capturing an animal from the wild. However I don't agree with breeding and selling, and would only go to a dog/animal rescue if I were to want to add to our family. I would like to point out though that not all 'Vegans' are the same, so it would make more sense to address the questions to me as I cannot answer for others.

Do you feed your dogs a vegan diet?
We feed Bambi and Bela a mixture of everything to be honest!
Their staple diet is dog food (meat) and dog biscuits. They do not have the voices to tell me what they want to eat, and for me not to feed them meat seems a little cruel.
However they both eat a lot of human food, which is always vegan in our home! They love pasta, chips, crisps, bread... even cherry tomatoes (though they mainly play with them!).
I cannot make the decision for them, especially when you take into account that if they were wild dogs they would more than likely hunt and kill animals. That is their instinct.
And I'm guessing the next question may be "Well isn't it in our instinct to eat meat?"... Well maybe back in the caveman days, but we have evolved and developed mentally a hell of a lot since then (though sometimes that is hard to believe!) and we have no reasoning for why we should eat meat. Not when there are so many amazing non-meat foods out there, and there's meat substitutes for those who enjoy the taste of meat.

are your tattoos done using vegan ink? and if so may i ask where you get them done? have been looking for a vegan tattooist for so long.
I have to be totally honest and say I don't know:( I'm guessing the ink is okay but having not been tattooed much since going vegan I have been a bit lax in making sure that the inks are vegan. So I couldn't recommend an artist as such, but you could do what I will be doing later... Googling vegan friendly inks! My next tattoo plan is with a vegan tattoo artist in Brighton so I may have to pick her brains!

what's your favorite colour?
Black... as coal... as night... as my heart

do you drink tea and coffee?
I do drink tea, with soya and 2 sugars. But I have never liked coffee at all!

Do you have a flickr account? I wanna add you :)
I don't I'm afraid... but I may have to once I get a decent camera! :)


  1. on the subject of vegan tattoo inks, Leah Moule from Speak Studio in Birmingham is totally vegan and uses vegan inks. The brand she uses are called Eternal Ink. Her work is very new school and she's won best female tattoo artist two years in a row and best newcomer two years ago.

    her work is out of this world and you can't aooreciate how bright her tattoos are until you see them in the flesh!

  2. Oooh, I know of Leah... she did her apprenticeship with Jo Harrison... and her stuff is lovely :)

    Thanks chickling :) xxxx