Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What do your family think of your beautiful tattoos and big hair?

Aw, first of all that's so sweet! :) Thank you!

My family really wish I didn't have tattoos, and I used to cover them all up all of the time (Summer was a nightmare!)... only now do they see some of them (seen as I now have my hands tattooed... though at the start I did take to wearing gloves and pulling my sleeves over my hands!) but I still tend to cover the top of my arms up (mind you, that's more because I don't like showing all of them off, and I don't like sleeveless tops!)

So, in short, my family do not like tattoos at all. I never thought that I would feel comfortable enough around them to not cover them all up, but now I am finally here I love it. I love that they've started to see past it, that it's just me on the outside, doesn't change me on the inside.

With my hair, well they often say I look better with my natural, smaller (hehe) hair... but I need to do what I feel more comfy with I guess, and I lika de big hair!

Thanks for the question :) xxx

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  1. That was a nice question! Nice to know you more. xxx