Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Well. I certainly have been a bad blogger lately. I could blame my lack of laptop (it finally packed up over the weekend... it's infected beyond repair I think, eeep!) but even before it's demise, I've been lousy at blogging.

Anyway, so I'm going to try blogging more regularly, because I know how disappointing it is when people don't update! (Or is that just me? Hehe).

I have been making more of an effort to go out lately, and it's been nice getting to know new people. Well, people I know already, but only to say "hi" to. A lovely girl called Sian invited me to go see Eclipse last week with her (4th time for me!), as she knows I love it like she does! Before we went to see it, we had some super tasty cocktails at a place called Pica Pica. The first ones I had were lovely and citrus-y, but the others were a bit too strong for me... Either way, I ended up feeling quite tipsy! And watching Eclipse while tipsy was a little odd. I can't say I like being that way whilst watching a film (or one of my FAVOURITE films even)... I just felt a little distracted and disconnected.

Despite that though, I had a lovely time with Sian, and it felt good to get to know someone new. Like I said, I've known her to say hi to a while, and she works in the joke shop in town (cool job huh?!), but it's only since I had her roller derby team selling at Vintage Pretty that I've got talking to her. She is so dedicated to the Tiger Bay Brawler's (Cardiff's roller derby team) and I find it an absolute delight being around dedicated and hardworking people!

I've also seen Tanaz a couple of times, and she is so lovely. So easy to talk to, and of course we have the jewellery making/fair selling in common.

If there's one thing I've learnt lately, it's that while I may often feel like I'd rather stay at home and chill, once I'm up and out and with people, I'm actually pretty social... and I enjoy it, shock horror!

So with my new found 'social life' (woah there, I'm not quite a party animal yet!), I've definitely been appreciating staying in more... it's true that you need to go out to really appreciate being in! Mikee is doing his usual work shifts, so often it's just me and the boys. Luckily I do enjoy my own space, so it's not a problem normally. Though sometimes I do wish he was in more on the evenings!

So, today has been all about Hooters! Yep, you heard right! The restaurant chain is opening here in Cardiff, and the Cardiff Feminist Network were given permission to come here and do some copies of flyers etc. I can see both sides to the story, CFN want to stop them opening due to their sexist undertones (though it's not quite under, it's pretty out in the open!). I personally would never like to go eat/drink at a place like that, just because it seems so tacky and lame. I guess if the women who are going to work there want to, and get treated respectfully, it could be harmless? It just seems so very dated to me, viewing women in that way... What do you all think?

Sorry, once again, for ending my post suddenly... my blog posts seem so erratic lately, maybe I'm just meant to take a short break from it?! x


  1. I'm glad you're spending lots of time with new friends and that you're enjoying your time in as well!