Thursday, 23 September 2010

Formspring, oh Formspring.

Well, Formspring seems to be a place for hatin' doesn't it? I have only ever had one 'anonymous' snide comment on there before, but I know most people get it. It's very sad indeed.

When I received the very bitchy 'question' (though it was more of a statement), I was a little confused as it made no sense whatsoever.

It's very sad that people feel they can hide behind anonymity when they want to say something nasty... Now, there's really only one person who could have posted the question on mine, and I don't normally bring such things into my blog, but it's odd to see that they preach about the same thing (haters on formspring) but practice it themselves.

It's very sad of them, but unfortunately not surprising.

Luckily you don't come across hateful people so much, I don't think, though there's plenty about. I'm not perfect, infact I'm an idiot at the best of times, but if I were ever to get so spiteful and vengeful, I would feel very ashamed of myself.

Lecture/rant over!

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  1. Here here. I get the hate a lot, but i feel sorry for the people who send have to be insanely insecure to do it! xo.