Thursday, 7 May 2009

"animals are like people,they live for love"

i watched year of the dog again last night.i love that film.and i was in floods of tears when pencil the dog died...made me think of how distraught i will be when bambi and bela pass away.i know it's a bit grim thinking of that,but you've gotta be realistic.molly shannon is so great in the film (even if she did get a little annoying in will and grace,as that crazy neighbour),she plays the part so well.john c reilly is also awesome ("these are my knives...")and peter saarsgard...he blows me away.he has such an odd way about him but it works.he is amazing in garden state,and he is even amazing in skeleton key(ok,so i do quite like that film anyway.hoodoo,voodoo,kate hudson and creepy stuff,awesome)i found out yesterday from some random website that peter (see,first name terms) and maggie gyllenhall have a child together and have just got married.maggie is so good in donnie darko,and secretary,and from what i've seen of it,sherry baby.

just earlier at work,a lady came in with the most cutest caramel coloured poodle i have ever seen.i'm not usually fussed by poodles,unless they're tiny,but this one.his name was eddie and he was just 7 months old.he had a funny little body covered in pouffy curls,tiny little delicate feet(from what you could see anyway) and his owner said she had let him grow his "moustache" so he had a curly beard,with gorgeous little black button eyes hiding between that and his curly little head.he was so friendly and gorgeous.and he smiled.he really manager pointed it out made me feel so happy.

kinda looks like eddie if he was all groomed and not as cute.

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