Friday, 8 May 2009

random memories of my hometown

i don't like looking back.once something is done,i hate to look back.the family home i lived in for 18 years,when i used to go past it,whether on the bus or in the car,i would not look at that weird?like this weekend i have to get the train to wolves to see my family,because mikee has been taking me the last few months,i was really dreading getting back on the train.i don't know why,i'm not nervous of travelling alone or on's because i spent so many months back and forth on the train,it's because it's part of the past.
anyway,even though it makes me feel a bit icky,here are some random photos of wolverhampton, hometown for 24 years.

an olden days picture of wolverhampton,when it was a town (it's a city now,not that you would think it)

mander shopping centre,wolverhampton.i worked briefly as a christmas sales assistant at bhs (british home stores,a crappy department store),on the fucking lighting department,yeuch:Sand for a few years in our price (maybe one of the least popular music stores around?but it was an awesome job and it made me more confident and able to take on retail management roles afterwards...though i don't know if that's a good thing)

i worked in the internet/computers section at wolverhampton central library.a big amazing old building.i also worked in the reference section department at times which was HARD ass work.having to look up ANYTHING that some random person may want to know.even the filing books on the shelves was more difficult...damn dewey decimal system!good bunch of staff there though,library staff were the best i'd ever worked with.friendly,laid back and intelligent.

iremember charging around town,always busy doing random stuff,and usually before going on the bus to one of the libraries i worked at.

this area of wolverhampton is right in the heart of the summer lots of people sit there eating their lunch and enjoying their dinner get little mosher kids hanging out there too.and sometimes,after a weekend night usually,the fountain water is all bubbles as some clever person has thought it's an amazingly original idea that's never been done before.looks quite pretty though.

my old secondary school,st edmunds (used to be roman...)catholic secondary school.people have asked me in the past whether it was much different going to a catholic school.all i can say is not that i know of,but i've never been to a non catholic school,so i couldn't really tell you anyway!we had mass occasionally and there was a little chapel in the school,but it wasn't all catholic be honest,non catholics seem to know more about religion that me!i think because i was brought up with it,like a lot of kids when told to do something ie.listen,i didn't.r.e lessons were okay,but it was nothing new to me hearing about jesus and god and i think i just switched off.maybe people would say i was a lapsed catholic?i would say that all i know is that there is some kind of faith and hope in my heart.i disagree with a lot of catholic teaching,guilt should not always be present in your life.i personally think the bible should be taken more as a way to get teachings across,more so than it actually being all true.cause let's face it,humans they could have lied about the bible.buttt,i dunno...anyway,back to the didn't hate it.i didn't like it.i wasn't bullied,but i wasn't really noticed.the idea of education makes me shudder now.the idea of it thrills me,the doing of it doesn't.i'm a strange girl sometimes.

apparently what it looks like now.basically the same,but with a different twin works there now,or he it bad i don't know?it's not that i don't care or don't ask,he just doesn't like to talk about most stuff.

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  1. ah darling i'm the same way with education. in theory it's an amazing prospect, but when i was at school i never actually applied myself to the work, though i got all a's :p so it wasnt all bad.
    i was bullied though, so you were lucky. sometimes not getting noticed it a good thing hey, hehe

    and for looking back, i understand that as well. i tend to dwell on things, but looking to the future is always good :) loves xxxx