Sunday, 24 May 2009

beautiful day in cardiff town

and we spent a couple of hours in the park:)it was so warm and sunny today,i think i may even have caught a little sun on my back,how very bizarre.begrudgingly i had my driving lesson after we got back from our little picnic in the park.i don't dread it,but i can never fully relax knowing i have a lesson later went okay,though i had some stinkin chavs heckling me twice as i was turning at the junction,and then i had some other idiot purposely try to make me think he was gonna walk into the road in front of me.there's some fucking wasters really put my lesson off to a distractable start,and i honestly think i would have done better if they hadn't distracted me.luckily my next lesson is in another area.that will be in a couple of weeks as i am going back to wolves for the weekend next week.

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  1. so nice. we've also been having really great weather here in washington for the past week. no rain!