Sunday, 24 May 2009

cardiff anarchist bookfair

saturday was the day of the cardiff anarchist bookfair in cathays.the event was free to get into and had some awesome stuff going on,including workshops and stalls.we got there after 10 and went straight into a talk on "free computers",feels kinda weird explaining it in my blog...but it was interesting none the less,though a lot of it went over my head,and i felt kinda dumb.after that finished,we had a little potter round the hall with all the stalls in it.some amazing stuff was being sold,and mikee got loads of awesome books and t-shirts,badges and patches:)i got an amazing huge book on the ALF,cannot wait to get into it!the stalls there included class war(i love that newspaper,it's so funny,but also very true),hunt sabs,no borders,south wales anarchists,bristol anarchist black many different causes and interesting things to look's so heartwarming that there are so many people doing their bit for what they believe in.really makes me feel i need to find something of my own to stand up for.mikee had a cup of tea and some vegan chocolate cake,unfortunately i couldn't have either due to my naughty teeth!we didn't stay long past 1pm,sometimes its good to go when you've just about seen everything but not walked round like ten times.mikee's benefit gig had raised a little money for the bookfair,which i think is so awesome.i'm so proud of him and his ethics and beliefs.


  1. glad you had such a good time my lvoe :) xxxxx

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! We were really pleased about how the whole day went, over 250 people came and all the workshops were busy. There's a feedback meeting next monday at 7pm upstairs in O'neill's on Trinity street, it would be great to see you there!