Thursday, 28 May 2009


today and tomorrow i have booked off work,as i thought i may be going up to wolverhampton.i was almost going to cancel the days off but i am so glad i didn' teeth have been killing me again,so mikee took me to the dental hospital today.first of all we got there around 8am as we had been instructed to,in order to get an appointment.people must have got there pretty early as by the time i got there the appointments had all gone.but i was given a ticket and asked to come back at back home we went,where i napped until it was time to go up again.this time i made sure that i had some toast and yogurt before we left as last time the anasthetic almost made me pass out.which was why my hopeless dentist referred me to the hospital.anyway,to cut a long story short,3 waiting rooms and 2 and a half hours later,the tooth was finally gone.i was left with a mouth filled with blood and feeling like my face was huge,but i'm so glad they could do it wasn't certain it would get done as the crown (top part of the tooth) had almost entirely broken off over the years (i blame my chocolate habit,from a very early age) so it would be a more complicated procedure.the dental technician ended up asking a senior dentist to help him as the root was just not looked like they were using a chisel and felt pretty much like it too.i felt awful as it took a while and the dentist had to really work to get the remains of the tooth out!but now it is out and i'm crossing my fingers the pain will be gone.despite feeling fragile and sore,we decided to go to the park and take the dogs as the weather was so beautiful.we ended up going to penarth marina,which i have never been to was a really cool place and i took a few pictures which i will post later (though the pictures did not capture how it all looked in reality,so the photos are a little dull).we headed back after a while as my painkillers were wearing off and got some yummy chips and potato fritters on the way we are watching the original punisher,and i'm enjoying just being home and chilling out.

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