Monday, 18 May 2009

saturday charity shopping

bunny big ears!<3

these teddy bears were only 50p each,though i thought they were £1 each until i got to the till.they're super old which makes them so cute and awesome...but when i went to pay,the woman on the counter told me she couldn't sell them!because they didn't have any CE tags on them,they weren't safe to sell as they could be flammable or unsuitable for children.they were old though and looked handmade so you wouldn't expect them to have labels on!i assured her they were going to be on a shelf (i actually mounted them on the wall,so they look like floating teddies.wooooooo....i felt kinda bad though as i had to make a little hole in the back of their heads to hang them up on the nail...i found myself worrying if they were in fact alive,i was basically hurting the head.a lot.)so sad:( but,i realised then what she was saying was that i could have them,she very slyly pushed them towards me on the was like a teddy bear conspiracy.i was elated,i really wanted those bears!although i love a bargain,i'm not the kind to have a freebie so i made sure i put a couple of pounds in the charity box.

i have wanted a cake thingymajig (no idea what they're called) for aaaages!the bottom is marble and it looks brand new,so now i just gotta buy some nummy cakes to put in it:)

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  1. ahhh, i want peectures of floating teddies :D so cuuuute <3