Sunday, 17 May 2009

waking up at 5am almost every morning

and i feel a bit queasy from the drink last night,so i've just had a glass of milk and i guess i may as well go back to bed,there's nothing much else to do at this time in the morning.except check out britains next top model...ugh,antm has just finished so i'm desperate!i'm quite shocked alison didn't win,she's adorable.
and oh,my goodness,i just found this...('s bizarre.and if you check out the links,her flickr account which features her art...well it is not what i expected.and it makes me shudder at the creepiness of most of it.but in a good way.


  1. i like her.. i knew she was going to win when i first saw her.

  2. maybe thats a bad photo but I think shes disgusting!Oh I know that sounds so catty but I'm rather replused by what people consider "Models" now a days.. they all look like 12 year old boys with pouty lips.