Friday, 1 May 2009

so i haven't blogged in aaaages

i just didn't have the motivation to,this whole tooth thing has been getting me down for weeks now,and made me just wanna crash and not do anything after work.the only things i have been doing have been either adding little bits and bobs to the flat(which is looking really nice i'm proud to say...mine and mikee's stuff goes well together),watching dvds (just started getting into supernatural,i know,i'm a bit late) and having my driving social life be zilch.because i'm not naturally social i haven't noticed too much,but i know it's healthy for me to have other things to do,things that don't involve mikee or the dogs...but yeah,this tooth pain and sicky feeling (from the antibiotics) has really gotten to me:(
me and mikee have argued a lot more lately,i think a lot of it being down to me feeling under the weather and irritable.but i also think that mikee,when he doesn't know what to do,like me being ill for example,he tends to keeps out of my way and our home a lot more than usual.this did not go down well with me.i think a lot of people when they're ill,although you kinda don't wanna be fussed over,you also don't wanna feel there have been tears and tempers.but i'm feeling a little better now and we talked about it.ick,i hate to argue with someone i love so much.and i love him so much.hopefully tonight we can do something nice,get some "just us" silly as it sounds,sometimes you forget to do that...your job or even your pets can take your attention away from the one you adore.

it's always hard catching up in blogs,as there's bound to be things i've missed.we briefly had another dog (jake,a black and white long haired jack russell),well for a day,but our two would not accept him.they were wild and he got pretty nasty back.was so we tried mikee's mom,as she said she wanted a dog of her own.jake was there one night and we had to go collect him.apparently he kept snapping at her.i think the experience at ours had spooked him,so reluctantly we returned him to his original owner.she was okay with it,though i felt's weird as they had him 3 years and their son loved him.they only approached me as i had put up an ad saying we were looking for a third i hope they keep really upset me.i felt so awful dragging him from pillar to post.made me realise even more how helpless animals can be.

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