Monday, 4 May 2009

sunday trippin

so as we didn't go to wolverhampton on sunday as we would have liked (3 hours ish there and back,just for a day,seemed silly,as much as i wanted to see my family)we went for a drive to usk.i love it when we go places like this,and it's even nicer when we can take the doggies with us.i can't wait until i can drive and take mikee places,hehe.

anyway,i'd never been to usk before(even though mikee was convinced he'd taken me there before)so it was nice to finally is by a gorgeous river(that runs through newport and other places that i can't remember) and there's a cool bridge to walk over.the bridge was kinda high though and you could see the water through a little grate on the bridge,so i was a little freaked out.i'm not really scared of heights...until i start to think how HIGH we actually are,so i was speeding ahead of mikee keen to get off the bridge!

anywho,we carried on walking and came to a disused tunnel.looked all urban exploration like!it was a dead sunny day,but the tunnel was almost pitch black.once you got in there,the tunnel seemed longer than it had appeared to be.but it was fun to walk through.we stopped a couple of times and just listened,you could hear water trickling and rats scurrying around.eeep,scary,hehe:)

once we'd got through the tunnel,it was basically just a path that came to a smaller tunnel at the end (that lead nowhere and wasn't dark,so it didn't really interest me) and a set of steps up to the main road.a local walker said hello to us,which i thought was nice.not often you get that these days!
we had a little wander through the town of usk,but as it was a sunday it was pretty much all shut,apart from some pubs and a we sat next to the river and ate crisps and drank some gorgeous apple juice that tasted like stewed apples:P yumyum.

once we had been to usk,it seemed a shame to go straight home as it was only just after 3pm and the weather was still lovely,so mikee took me to a reservoir was breathtaking.on the other side was a steeeep hill,with beautiful little sheep and lambs chilling out.i could see a lamb feeding from his mother,its tail people can see a difference between lambs and dogs,i don't know.both beautiful,friendly animals....that wag their tails.
the air was so clean and fresh up there,i loved it.

and after all that daytrip style loveliness,we popped to mikee's moms,where the terrors enjoyed playing in the garden.

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