Monday, 11 May 2009

weekend in wolves - saturday part one

so after spending a lot of last week feeling guilty that i hadn't seen my family for a good few weeks,and knowing that it would be a few more weeks until mikee could take me up there,i decided to get the dreaded train.dreaded because i spent around 6 months on the damned things back and forth every weekend,when i used to see mikee.(see earlier blogs about the whole hating to go back to things i used to do blah blah blah)but anyway,it was fine!i got up at 6.30 saturday morning and got my train at 7.45,i was sleeeepy.ready to sleep on the train,which you know i totally did!had to change at birmingham,which is always the easiest change.for some reason i've got something against bristol parkway and shrewsbury...don't like 'em.
i got to wolverhampton just after half 10,where my mom just pulled up as i walked out.good timing.we duz mom always looks tinier each time i visit,and i always just want to wrap her up in cotton wool,perhaps because i feel like the wayward daughter who has run off to cardiff and abandoned my family.hmmmm.anyway,we went to have breakfast(veggie fry up) at a wetherspoons in sedgley called the actually looks really cool,as it looks like an old cinema.which it is.and the breakfast was pretty twin brother actually turned up too,as my mom told him we were popping in kevin NEVER comes to a pub with me and my dad,so to come and sit with me and my mom and have a drink...well,that's pretty amazing!
once we had eaten,the rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent charity shopping!one of my absolute favourite passtimes!i will post pictures of my finds this evening:)let's just say,my frame obsession is not showing signs of ever ending.ever.this is something i didn't get,but was tempted to...(it was a single duvet cover,and there were matching curtains)i don't like star wars at all,but i adore ewoks.they're like the most amazing animal ever...that doesn't really exist.kinda like the flying dog thing from neverending story.

once we had popped to a few charity shops,my mom then had to go and have her hair coloured.why people go to a hairdressers for anything,let alone colouring,baffles me.but then i'm a total tramp when it comes to hair,i just have a go and hope for the best!oh,the joys of fake,while my mom had her hair done,my brother took me to more charity shops,and then we went to twin brother kevin actually lives with his girlfriend in my dad's old studio's a small little place,but it's cosy,in a decent area and they have it looking really older brother robert brought my niece jasmine to kevins.i had a fab afternoon just watching jasmine tottering around the place.the love she has for her dad(my brother)is heartwarming.and she clearly idolises kevin!i got a really nice photo of them all(watching something or other on youtube),which i will definitely have to get a print of).

here jasmine was drinking from an apple juice carton that looked huge compared to her,shame you can't see the actual carton,but it's a cute picture anyway.

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  1. she is a very styling little lady! i think auntie maria needs to throw a few splashes of black and victorian goodness in there eh? :P haha
    and the eeeewoks. u should have gotten the sheets and made mike a m-urse HAHAHAHAHA. cuute