Monday, 11 May 2009

weekend in wolves - saturday part two

i stayed at my moms until just before 8pm,when my dad picked me dad is my rock and my best friend.i cannot even begin to describe how close we are.i miss all my family,but the time me and my dad spend together is the best time.time when we both just chat about tension and no dad is my hero and inspiration to do well in life.
anyway,we ended up going to the pub with my dads partner joan.first of all we went to quite a traditional pub in willenhall,as my dad wanted to check it out.his niece is going to be taking it over so he was was a pretty standard old type pub,but it was quite cosy in there,and i didn't feel like we weren't welcome.sometimes you get that in small local can feel like you've walked into someones living room.ugh.there was a boxer dog (or a similar breed) behind the counter,he had a funny little squashy face,he looked so cute,but scary cute.
after we had a drink we then went to a pub nearer my dads and had a drink there's so nice just to sit and have a chat and a drink.

not a great picture,but it was pretty to see the lights twinkling in the dark (in the second pub carpark)

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  1. ehehe you little drunky! :) i am very jealous of the connection you have with your dad. wish i was the same with mine. ahhh you are a lucky beaver