Monday, 11 May 2009

weekend in wolves - sunday in pictures

jasmine had her little dora tent set up in my dads living room,where she insisted on dragging my dad inside the tent and then pinning his legs down by sitting on him.she adores her grandad,and i loved spending time with her.i sat upstairs with her putting her favourite videos on youtube for her to watch(rupert the bear,piglets,barney),it was lovely having her to myself.jasmine is amazing,it would be very hard to be down around her.
and lastly...i found this in a sunday paper.lolathon.or not.

i left wolverhampton at 7pm,and got into cardiff just around took 2 trains and a replacement coach.wolverhampton-birmingham new street-bristol parkway-cardiff central.but it went okay.listening to bat for lashes on repeat,eating my cheese and tomato sandwiches and having a flick through bizarre(still don't know why i brought it,it's mostly shit...apart from the feature on artist tara mcpherson)helped the time pass though.
i have a lot of time to think when travelling,and especially going from wolverhampton to cardiff,it feels like i'm leaving home all over is always sad to say goodbye.i can't help but feel i'm missing out on my family.

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  1. ahhh lovely i know how sad it must be to leave everytime! but don't think of it as leaving or missing out on your family... look at it, as going back to the family you are creating for yourself. you know everyone will always be there for you. be happy in the fact you have people who love you and are supportive of your choices!!!
    also know that u'r very lucky to have three boys waiting at home for you hehe. all the furies :D
    there is nothing wrong in wanting to make your own place in this world my love <3

    thos pics are luch. jasmine looks soooo happy when she plays with your dad. and i love how you have your ghost hand in that picture hehe xxxx