Sunday, 19 July 2009

mikee's treat weekend

i decided to plan a little surprise day for mikee yesterday,just as a little token of my love for him.first of all the evening before,i treated us both to a trip to the cinema to see moon,starring sam was pretty good,but i was expecting a little more.i'd heard it had some amazing twist and was still waiting for it when the end credits came up,was so disappointed!good film,but could have been so much was the first time i had been to the Vue cinema by riverside in's in a huuuuge building that also has a couple of bars/clubs inside it.and it's odd,because you buy your tickets and your food/drinks at the same counter.i guess that's a good idea?

mikee looking apprehensive about the escalators

told you it was high up!
saturday,i had planned for us to go to swansea,as we hadn't been together before.we got on the train a little before 12pm and arrived around an hour later.we had a lovely snack on the way,from marks and spencers.

i was surprised at how small swansea is,i was expecting quite a big town,which it isn't particularly.i also didn't realise it's quite quaint there,as in that me and mikee got quite a few looks while we were walking around.we spent quite a while wandering around the shops,nipped in a few charity shops but were pretty unsuccessful,except mikee's find of IT on video.the charity shops were pretty damn expensive,as some are in really bugs me when they are like that,because usually people that shop frequently in charity shops simply cannot afford to be paying those kind of prices and it seems a surefire way to alienate the regular customers.i mean,£3.99 for a tiny little owl ornament?that's been donated?!was not impressed!
however,we ended up having a nice walk round the town centre,and then had a yummy lunch on the beach.

alpro soya chocolate milkshake is lush.

we thought this was funny.GAMMA!!!!
we decided to have an impromptu alpro soya modelling campaign,y'know,just to show how we love it.

mikee LOVES alpro<3

me taking the more serious approach.
after our lovely lunch,we decided to head for plantasia.we wanted to see the monkeys we had heard about!now normally i'm a bit iffy about animals in captivity,ever since i heard that some zoos supply labs with monkeys,i have been even more against them.but plantasia isn't a zoo,and apparently has just one colony of endangered tamarind monkies,so we decided to at least give it a go.the pictures on the website looked awesome.

unfortunately we got there too closed at's fair to say we were pretty especially as the whole day had been planned around this.mikee was a sweetheart,reassuring me that we could always come back another we had nothing to do but head to the train station and back to cardiff.i guess we shall have to try see the monkies another day.
we got back into cardiff just before 6pm and had just enough time while walking home through town to have a peep in one of my favourite shops,tk maxx.i didn't find any bargain homeware items(i headed straight for the clearance section as usual),but mikee found some cool black lace-ups.i also popped into primark where i spent £20 on some basic black pumps,some imitation "ugg" boots and a few items of clothing that were reduced.i can't really complain about the prices at all,though that is definitely my spending done for the month.i can't believe how little i have left and it's not even near a week after payday!grrr.trying not to let it stress me out,failing.
anyway,it was a pretty fab day and we were exhausted from all the walking when we finally got home!i felt awful about leaving our little men at home all day so was super pleased to see them when we got back:)we had bumped into a friend of mikee's in swansea,and she had her pug with her!it is the first time i have ever stroked a real-life pug,after all my years of pug worship.i was not disappointed!he had a tiny little body and a huge wrinkly head.i was in love!!!!i felt it was a little rude to take a photo,but i'm sure i will remember his little face forever!!!!awww:)
the day ended with us heating up the lush pasta,veg and tofu mikee had made the previous night.i freakin love tofu,though i really didn't like it at first.
and as i'm typing this,it's 4.49am,i couldn't sleep.though i think i'm gonna go back to bed now!i love it when you know you haven't got work to go to in the morning and you can go snuggle up in bed.ah,bliss.

i wish i could relax in front of a camera,maybe then i wouldn't always look constipated.

some awesome art for sale in a shop in swansea.

my outfit for the would have looked better without the leggings underneath the shorts,but my legs are pasty and i still have marks from old flea bites...not attractive!

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