Thursday, 16 July 2009

payday blues

so as usual i was counting the days until payday,and it finally came yesterday:) but does anyone else get the payday blues,when you realise you still don't really have much to play around with?and you immediately start counting down til the next one in your head?i brought a few little treats,but having done my usual list of money going out of my account this month,i've pretty much realised that's my splurge for this month gone!oh well,i got a few dvds i've been wanting for a while and a couple for mikee as a little treat:)it's nice to give and receive presents i think!i ended up spending £40.99,which i guess for 6 dvds is not bad!it was a little annoying though as i'd drawn out £40 to spend if i needed in hmv,but because of the 99p extra had to use my card!little things like that can be irritating!but i was still more than happy with my little splurge:D

these are the two i got for mikee.he is obsessed with adding to his video nasty collection and has soooo many of these titles,a lot of them quite old and previously banned.i wasn't quite sure what to look for and as i was hurriedly trying to choose (on my 1 hour lunch break)i decided to go for two titles that probably wouldn't be the kind of thing he'd manicly bid on ebay for,as they're pretty easy to come by,but still pretty much the kind of sick stuff he likes!mum and dad looks really nasty on the trailer,and as i'd watched a documentary on two well know uk serial killer cases(the moors murders and fred and rose west)the night before,i was a little apprehensive about buying know when sometimes it just gets a bit close to the bone and you start thinking how these things DO really happen..?but i decided that it would be what he'd most likely enjoy and that they were actually just films.nb.i'd like to mention that mikee is an absolute teddy bear and in no way sick or perverted,just likes these particular brands of horror films!i'm sure most of you have heard of last house on the left.i haven't seen the original yet (which is the one i got mikee)but i really enjoyed the remake,revenge is sometimes refreshing to see in these types of films!the copy i got mikee has 3 discs with loads of extras and cool artwork on the cardboard outer case.sam actually brought it the other week too which brought my attention to it.

besides the dvds,i have also brought a new duvet set for the bed,and as soon as that arrives off ebay i need to go and stock up on a new duvet and pillows.there was a point last year where i brought so much bedding,maybe because it was winter and i was stuck in the one room(before we took over the whole flat),and my bed was like a little comfy island to relax on:)it's looking a little worse for wear now,and bela being his naughty self decided to pee on it the other night.not only is it unhygienic,but the smell almost never goes away once a doggy has had it's way with it will soon be operation gorgeous bed time:D

i love the colours,i can only hope the doglets behave themselves this time!
and lastly,my other treat to myself this month is a two hour sitting with an amazing tattoo artist called vicky morgan.she works at a big birmingham studio called modern body art,and although she is still an apprentice,she has been painting,and selling her prints,for a while now.i have always loved her work and wondered why she wasn't a tattoo i was chuffed to hear she had got an apprenticeship,and it's a pretty well known studio too.she is designing a courtesan/maiko for my lower leg,to go in the remaining space i have,next to the swan drew xiii did(he's the one tattooing my feet in august,oweeee).i can't wait.i'm hoping a lot of the lining will get done in the first session:)

one of her amazing pieces.
so,the day after i got paid,i think i have already splurged enough for the month!hopefully mikee and i are going to see the film "moon" at the cinema tomorrow,apparently if you like the films solaris and sunshine you will love it.and we both love those two films!and saturday,hopefully,we will be going to swansea,i decided it would be nice for us to go,so i am paying for the day,as mikee had arranged that surprise day for me not so long ago!we've never been to swansea together before,and i've only been a few years ago,when it was raining and the only place to go was the shopping centre(to avoid said rain!),so it will be nice to hop on the train and have a little wander around.swansea is meant to be lovely:)

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  1. Last House on the Left is one of our favorites!! Score!

    Can't wait to see pics of your new tattoos!