Thursday, 16 July 2009

what goes around comes around

Asian Minister: Now place the ring on his hand. A ring is like a circle, it goes on forever. It's not like a triangle, triangle have corners. It's like a circle.

quote from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

today i needed to ring the council on my lunch break,as i received a letter in the post telling me to pay £150+ for the council tax me and my old flatmate owed from when we shared the flat downstairs.i have written a blog on this before.basically we didn't pay our council tax late 2008 when we lived together,so now the council wants their money.the old flatmate is refusing to text me back.i had to leave an answerphone message on her mobile today.i knew she wouldn't answer when i called.basically i told her what the council had said,that my name was on the account and therefore i was liable to pay it,whether she paid her half or not.i can kinda see what they mean,they just want their money and they have my name,so they come to me.threatening court action,arrest,bankruptcy,the amount being deducted from my wages...all nice stuff.but it's not fair that i have to pay it.this girl is meant to be a friend.i even asked her to move in with me for goodness sake!plus the fact that she has known mikee a lot longer and been in a band with him you would expect more really.i said on the message that i understand she may not have the money right now,but even some of it would help.i have had to pledge to pay £20 a month for 8 months to clear this debt.if i do not make one of those payments they will instruct my work to take it from my wages.that happened before (there was a certain period of time last year where i was stupid and didn't see bills as a priority,stupid and irresponsible i know)and it was so embarassing.especially as i open the post at work,saw the letter and had to go explain it to my basically,mikee has had to send her a text too(a nice one,nothing unfriendly,despite the situation)asking her to get in touch with me.i'm pretty sure she won't.if she doesn't,we're done.friendship would be almost impossible after this really.
the reason why i entitled this post the way i have is that there was a similar situation with the girl i lived with before my previous flatmate.i was the guilty party,in that when she left,we also hadn't paid some of the bills.for some reason she blamed me,but that was insane as we both had never put the money away for said bills.but what i got miffed at was that she had sought out the council and told them she owed the time i refused to pay my half (again i was being silly and childish)because she had moved and could have just left the debt was a similar amount and i guess i was pissed as i felt we should have waited for the council to get onto us about it,therefore buying us a little time to get the money together.i did end up paying my share,but either way,i didn't really have an excuse to be so silly and mean,so i'm pretty sure this is why it has come back to me!i do think you need to consider that what you do may eventually come back onto you,and i certainly wish i had thought of that a little more beforehand!i've always thought like this anyway,but i will definitely make a not to myself to think of karma,even when dealing with people i feel have been wrong or nasty to me!