Friday, 17 July 2009

so,the conclusion is...

that "friends" suck.the girl i was talking about in the last blog got back to mikee last night (she's apparently unable to answer her phone,reply to texts or send me an email) and basically said the whole money thing was not her problem and that she didn't have it to give to me (aka.the council).mikee then very reasonably suggested even if she could just call the council and tell them she used to live with me that at least then i would not be liable for her half.and then if she didn't want to pay it,that would be her choice.but she won't even do basically,she is letting me pay for her half,so i will be £160 out of pocket rather than just £80.i've been quite calm about it surprisingly,but i have to be honest just writing about it now makes me feel a bit angry at her total arrogance.not to mention she's supposed to be our friend.all i can say is,if i see her out,it will be a miracle if i can keep quiet about it.that's me and her done.

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