Monday, 13 July 2009


i don't really like tv.this has been the case for the last couple of years,up until then i was pretty much an "average" tv watcher,spending my evenings after work watching soaps or any other half decent programme that was on.up until i was around my mid teens i watched tv in the day,but mainly in the mornings and during the summer holidays.i used to adore heartbreak high,enjoy eerie indiana and be an avid fan of alex mack.all good stuff.oh,and the tribe was pretty darn awesome to me then too.but since then,tv in the daytime was a no-no to me,and has remained so ever since.i find it awfully depressing,the array of shit that is on while everyone is at work.the thought of watching this goddawful crap day in day out is horrifying to me,and is one reason why i do not ever want to be unemployed again!the only exception is if i am visiting my mom and taking advantage of her virgin media channels,though the daytime offerings on there are pretty bad too.last weekend was spent pretty much on my own,though of course my little furry babies were with me.mikee was working lots and the weather was quite bad,besides the fact that i was,and am, i stayed in most of the weekend apart from my driving lesson late sunday occurred to me on saturday evening that i had not even considered turning the tv on.and that made me feel quite proud.however,i am not totally innocent as i was trying to stream tv on the internet.which caused me lots of frustration as none of the tv series' or films i wanted to watch would stream:( and the fact that megavideo always cuts your film off after 72 minutes...well,that's annoying.what i was trying to stream was True i think i must be living under a rock as i have only just heard of fact,i can't think where i did hear about it now.i'd heard of the sookie stackhouse books,but i think that was down to me working in the library back in early 2008.anywho,i finally got an episode to stream on sunday and me and mikee settled down to watch it....i enjoyed it.that was was strange because although i love a lot of things about it (vampires,it being based in a quaint little town,the storyline)i just liked it.i didn't love it,i wasn't itching to watch the next episode.and i think i know why...i personally felt like the first episode was too focused on sookie's love interest (vampire bill).i guess i wanna see more to it then that,and also maybe more than random sex scenes.don't get me wrong,i don't have a problem with nudity or sex scenes in tv,but it just seemed a bit much for the first episode.having said all this though,i think i will carry on watching as i am still quite curious.and besides dexter season 4 and the new ANTM is STILL not out yet so i need something to distract me!


  1. The books are way better than the show. I love the show. Maybe it's because I like staring at the guy that plays Eric. He is so freakin cute! You should stop watching and start reading. I promise you won't be disappointed.

  2. i might have to do that sweetie,once i finish reading twilight!am loving it!x