Monday, 20 July 2009


it has just become apparent to me that i do not have a clue where to start with trying to organise our wedding.all we are certain is that we want to be married in san francisco,in a basic ceremony,on the beach or some other suitably beautiful will just be me and mikee,so i guess we will need to nab a witness from all the married ladies on here,where did you even start with arranging your wedding?!and does anyone have any sf location suggestions for the ceremony?i am thinking of what kind of dress i should wear?and whether to splash out and have some awesome extensions put in?if i'm honest,all i care about is becoming a mrs to the man i adore.
i was looking through flickr and found a really cute set of photos of a "wedding in the woods".as flickr won't let me pinch it's photos,just go see:
the couple look so cute and happy :)

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