Thursday, 13 August 2009

looking back at the past

(except for the previous couple of years)makes me super depressed.seeing people on myspace that i knew when i was 18 makes me super depressed...especially when they seem EXACTLY the same.shouldn't they have moved on...grown older and different to their 18 year old selves?crazy.but it's not just that,i have always hated my past,anything past 13ish this weird?i'm sticking in the here and now,it seems safer and much more preferable.


  1. i sort of agree. i've got some really bad memories from my past, and as much as i'd love them to go i know they wont. i spose its all about leaqrning to cope with the past rather than making it go, and i'm getting better. still affects me an awful lot though.

    chin up me luffly, the future holds no certainty, and for me, thats a blessing=]

  2. aw, thank you for the kind words mister! x