Monday, 17 August 2009

saturday wasn't all glum

i got these little beauties from "hypa extra" in town,as well as a fair few notebooks to make into journals:)

i got the boys a squeeky fleecy type bone toy...unfortunately,it looks a little rude...

there were a few little geisha money boxes,this was my favourite:)

vegan!and yummy!i stocked up on vegan friendly biscuits there:coconut crinkles (my favourites),ginger crinkles and orange creams.yummyness.

these looked a little icky and dodgy.but they were vegan,so i had to give them a go.i don't like nutty foods,but mikee does.he said his nutty bar thing was nice,but could break your teeth if you weren't careful.mine is called "coconut ice",i don't know what it is exactly,any clues anyone?i've been too scared to try it yet.
ooh!i noticed on tv yesterday that on the adverts for bandslam(how bad does that film look?)that it mentioned new moon!i didn't think much of it,assuming the new moon trailer was on before the film,which it is...but it's a new one,and it made me so excited to see it!as if i wasn't already!apparently some twilight fans (according to their youtube review videos!)went to see bandslam just to see the new moon trailer,but somehow it got leaked onto the net anyway,haha,boo to you summit entertainment!trying to rip off us twilight fans and making us endure shit films.

on the subject of twilight,now i have finished all of the books,i have started on stephenie meyer's "the host".i may be wrong,but i don't think i'm gonna be into it.i guess i haven't given it a fair chance yet seen as i've only read a few pages,but i really wanna read new moon again...sooooo,we'll see.i am lame,yuss.

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