Monday, 17 August 2009


after an exhausting and horrible saturday,sunday seemed to be make-up day for me and mikee.anyone notice i tend to delete nasty things i may say on a previous blog?it's that rage,once i get into it,i turn into the most nasty,spiteful bitch around.i should stop,because i'm really not a bitch,honest.and anyway,i don't wanna fill my blog up with negativity.anywho.we popped into town early afternoon for a few bits and bobs(dogfood,usfood etc.),and i know i just wanted to get out of the flat and get some fresh air.we had a quick drink in buffalo bar,out the back.the weather was a bit gloomy but it was so nice and fresh outside.we did however have to go inside as a wasp would not leave us alone.i'm not as terrified of them as i used to be,but they still make me a little nervous.being all stingy and such.
after our drink we popped to tk maxx,where i brought a wooden jewellery box for 70p!!!the hinges were broke and it was a little chipped,but mikee fixed the hinges for me when we got back.for 70p i think i can afford to buy it just to see what i can do with's on little wooden legs and would look very oriental if the colour scheme wasn't cream/brown...more shabby chic/rustic looking i guess.but i was chuffed at the price.i will have to take a "before" and "after" picture when i decide how to pretty it up.
before tk maxx we had sat in the little park in the hayes in town.we had a yummy vegan italian veg and bolognese pasty each,and had so much fun feeding the pigeons and tiny random birds.there were so many of them and they flew right past our heads,it was pigeon even sat on the bench arm next to me:)i didn't get any pictures as my phone battery was too and mikee both agreed that we need to get a "proper" camera.
our little town trip was completed with some food shopping (tofu,houmous,french stick,vegan custard,apple pies...i LOVE FOOD SHOPPING!) and off we went home.
the rest of the day was spent chilling out(though it was almost late afternoon by this time) and i got started on another journal.i wish i could start selling them...but it doesn't stop me enjoying making them!
so yep,sunday was a lot better than mean old saturday.thank goodness for kissing and making up.

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