Saturday, 8 August 2009

sweet shop:)

we went for a walk around albany road charity shops earlier,where i picked up a few notebooks to transform into amazing journals,and mikee got some videos,including godzilla,which had some awesome godzilla japanese trailers on it.anywho,we walked a little further to another charity shop,and then noticed a tea shop/sweet shop over the was had a section with pick n mix sweets and old school sweeties such as dip dabs,love hearts and nougat bars.there was a cute little cafe at the back,but it was all the bits and bobs that they sold which caught my eye.i'm pretty sure sam would have loved it too.

and the cute little kids shop next had knitted cupcakes in the window:)

my cute bag from the h&m kids section,which i had wanted for a while,but caught my eye again last week as it had been reduced.

made me and mikee's an inside joke,but if you've seen russell brand's ponderland,series one,you'd know why it makes us laugh!

the bottom half of my Mela Loves London dress (reduced in new look,from £29.99 to 9.99),the top part is a simple vest style with white lace trimming.i wore my bloomers underneath,have barely taken them off since i brought them!they are so comfy and add a little twist to an outfit.they were annoying me today though,they kept creeping further down my legs,bleh.


  1. What a cute shop!
    I like the mugs with the dogs on them. hahaha.
    Love the new bag!!

  2. Where on albany road is it? It looks cute :)

  3. it's like you turn left off albany road,and it's walk to that church where it's a bargain store?then carry on round and it's down there.hmm...i'm awful at directions.

  4. What a gorgeous little shop! I love the cupcake plates and cake stands! Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog, I like yours too and will be visiting often! x