Thursday, 6 August 2009

appletini's and peeled mushrooms

sam stayed over again last night.we went shopping at tesco as i had nothing in at all,ended up spending over £52,which means i am definitely broke until next week's payday.but it was all good food and drink so i don't mind!we didn't get up to a huge lot,just ate some yummy food that sam made for us and watched a film.i learned that you can also peel mushrooms.this i didn't know(erm,duh?)and found quite amusing.

sam preparing our vegan sausage,mushroom,onion and pasta bake.nomnomnom.

my new favourite drink:)sam said this is what is in jd's "appletini" in scrubs.that combined with how awesome it looks made me buy it...and also that it was only just over £4!sadly i forgot i was on call for work,so could only have a little tipple in my lemonade.but oh my,it is gorgeous!it's very sweet AND sour(somehow!) but it is so tasty and yummy,and you wouldn't know you were drinking alcohol if someone served it up to you.
we finally watched mum and dad,which i brought last payday as a gift for mikee.he buys so many dvds he has a backlog!sam wasn't too keen,but mikee and i really enjoyed is depressing,grim,sick,disturbing and gory...but it is a brilliant film.i really didn't think i would like it,but it was a really enjoyable watch(well as much as a torture horror film can be).

me and mikee also watched a rather sick film the other night,by a welsh filmmaker.again it was a clever film,but it didn't really do anything for me.

sam really does feel like an extended part of our family,i love her to bits.she's a special young lady.she makes me laugh so much but i know i can also talk to her about anything.i heart her.
and lastly,i am loving this at the moment.


  1. hahha you bummer! i didnt notice you taking that pic! i look like a beefcake!

    ooh the last horror movie looks pretty good :)

    i love you too :) xxx