Tuesday, 4 August 2009

toys and treasures

today i got told to help myself to some unwanted children's toys at work.the ones i chose are pretty darn cute,in their own little ways...

a super old children's cutlery set

one of two creepyish porcelain dolls i brought home

this is called "24K Gold Soap"...i doubt that is correct.it says made in korea on the rather fancy box.

the tea set i nabbed for sam.

mikee with his doctor who mask,haha

my new demonia dolly shoes:)


  1. I also loooooove toys!
    Cool lucky girl you are!

  2. yay the teaset is mineeeeeeeeeeee :D i love you xxx

  3. Hey! I wanted to pop over to thank you for following my blog! So thank you very much!
    I love the little tea set you found, and the Demonia shoes are HOT! I love Demonia shoes...a little too much!