Tuesday, 8 September 2009

lolarama at the drugged up celebrity

as if kelly osbourne wasn't lame enough,what with her "poor me,i'm an addict and i'm loaded" talk,check out these words of wisdom.i didn't quite realise that everyone needs to base their life choices on what kelly osbourne does.i really find her familys talk of drug addiction tiresome.their problem isn't addiction,their problem is too much money.and when it comes to the children,the problem is lack of parenting when they were younger.the sad thing is that kelly osbourne at least had her own style back then,now she just looks ridiculous in her "designer" mickey mouse ears and shoulder padded jackets.eugh.


*saw this mentioned on the lovely amelie's blog:)

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  1. pah *slap* she can afford laser removal so I dont get it, freeking sell out