Monday, 7 September 2009

worried about my baby:(

i'm so worried...we noticed bambi was getting increasingly thinner,and we put it down to bela getting all his food.but just bathing him now,he was covered in fleas again,has lost a lot of fur on his back area where he has been pulling his fur and he is so skinny i can see his's fair to say it has scared the shit out of me.i'm hoping it's all flea related and am going to get frontline tomorrow,but i hate to see him look so sick.i had to handfeed him some dogfood earlier,he just won't touch it unless coaxed a lot of the time.i feel like going out and getting him the biggest piece of meat i can find and feeding him by hand.i think i will do that tomorrow.i hope he is okay.i love him so much.


  1. You might want to get your flat sprayed as well as getting the dogs frontline, we had a nightmare in our old flat with cat fleas and in the summer it was horrific and that was trying everything front bathing them, spray for the carpet, collars etc. In the end Cardiff Council had to fumigate the flat, I think it's about £55 but it might be worth it if it gets shot of them.

  2. Oh no, thinking about your little baby, and sending good vibes!!

  3. thank you so much,both of you xxxxx