Monday, 7 September 2009

new journals and greetings cards at oh dear diary

Basic A4 recycled paper notebook:"ladybirds classics" fairy tale gift wrap(i brought this from the awesome sweet shop that i mentioned a while back in my blog).

this picture doesn't quite show the journal off at it's best.i used black polkadot satin material with black ruffled lace,and then sewed on the letters to make up's a page-to-a-day A5 sized 2010 diary i got from good old hyper extra!:)

this is a mini 2010 diary,covered in the leftover fabric from the notebook i did for sam.cute teapots!<3

and finally,i customised some blank greetings cards,just so i have more then just journals for the fair!they are all totally favourites are the alice in wonderland card(featuring random bone!),the retro valentines card and the lush card(i LOVE lush's free paper,so pretty to look at...or make into a card!)

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  1. awwwh cute, when I am not poor I want to buy the cat one I saw on your myspace :D