Friday, 20 November 2009

ask me FINALLY answered

* apol0gies for the bizarre way this blog has arranged itself!not quite sure how as it normally doesn't do this!*

so,as i know i'm gonna be pretty busy starting from today(though you know i will fit in two showings of new moon this weekend...but of course!),i thought i'd try answer your ask me requests:)

my craft area.this has only been set up this week so is still a work in progress.notice the hugely huge stool?well that is not going to be my craft chair."why?"you ask!because it's too freakin big for the desk,hehe.

now,the view from the living room window (nb.we are on the 1st floor,the building has 3's an old victorian type terraced house)...please excuse the scuff marked windows,the boys sit at the window almost all of the time and are constantly touching the windows.i do clean them,but not all the time as their scuff-creating is pretty much a full-time job for them.

we are in a street that is around a 5 minute walk from cardiff city centre,which is awesome when you need to head into town.on the left of us is a main road,and also my workplace(literally a minutes walk from where i live,i'm so lucky!).on the right of us are more houses,a backpackers hostel called 'nomad' and cardiff university art campus.and opposite us is a basketball court,and a building that is a youth club on the evenings.

now,the kitchen.i decided to stay 'true to life'(ie.resist the urge to tidy up!) and just snap it how it is right now.our kithcen has nice big ceilings,and what i really like is the step down into the bathroom/bedroom area.nice to have different levels.(ps.old washing machine that needs to be taken to the tip not pictured!)

onto the bathroom(don't think anyone asked for this,but thought i'd include it anyway!)

i was asked to take a picture of my bed...well,at the moment the bedroom is a mess,simply because i have taken a lot of the pictures etc from there,to put in my craft corner.also,we desperately need a new bed!ours is so old and tired...hopefully we will get that sorted in the next couple of months.oh,the sorrows of being on just decent wages!however,i did take a photo,but mainly of the walls around the bed,hehe,i cheated a little!
the bedroom is at the back of the building and looks out onto the neighbours downstairs' backyard(which used to be mine as i lived down there originally,how i wish we had our flat but their yard too!).it's kinda weird as you have to walk through the bathroom to get to the kitchen/living room(with a few little hallway spaces inbetween),unless you go out the flat's front door number 1 and enter through the second 'front' door!

the same goes for the wardrobe as our bed really,it desperately needs updating,both the wardrobe itself and the contents!a few months back i brought lots of clothes(mainly from ebay!)but i haven't brought a huge amount since(well,since i started my crafting don't buy themselves!).the wardrobe is pretty dull as i mainly wear black and it's all kinda crammed in there.mikee has a few cupboards with his clothes in,and has been working on a 'clothes island' as of late,aka. he dumps all his clothes on this coffee table thing we have in the's quite a colossal sight to take in.

onto another of the lovely danielle's requests:)my make-up!i don't wear a huge amount daily,and now being a vegan i have to be even more careful i buy non-animal tested products,so here's my usual make-up routine:
stargazer white foundation;barry m black liquid eyeliner;urban decay skyscraper mascara;vivienne westwood 'boudoir' perfume(a freebie,not really to my taste,my favourite is thierry mugler,which i need to re-buy!);beauty without cruelty tangerine lipstick;tweezers(a must!)
and here's the majority of the make-up i hardly ever use!(i do have more but i haven't used it in even longer than this lot!):
there's a lot of barry m glitter pots there,seriously the best eyeshadows i have ever found!there's also some awesome glitter liners that they do too,but i never seem to have one of those chunky pencil sharpeners to hand when i want to wear them!(mental note:must buy a metal pencil sharpener!).the other stuff is random,like rimmel,bourjois,beauty without cruelty,collection 2000.i shop very cheap,and besides beauty without cruelty(a vegan cosmetics brand)is so cheap,i don't need to spend more!i would most likely not buy rimmell,bourjois or collection 2000 again,as they have not been listed as one of the vegan companies...such a shame really,there's no need to test cosmetics on animals.

anddddd...lastly!my fridge!now!it doesn't look much,as most of the nicer food would be in the cupboards(read:junk)and both fridges(we have two small sized)need their little freezer boxes defrosted(we have a seperate freezer,so we totally don't need those two tiny iceboxes anyway,hence the lack of defrosting!)...anyway,in the fridges i found:'cauldron' tofu(i LOVE tofu!),'asda'(walmart)soya yogurts,'pure'vegan cheese slices,bananas,lots of veg(mushrooms,broccoli,tomatoes,carrots,lettuce etc),houmous,pasta sauce,'vitalite'sunflower(vegan)spread(delicious,and so cheap to buy!under £1 a big tub),'pure'vegan cheese spread,cans of dandelion and burdock pop(soda to you americans!<3),raspberry jam,shredless marmalade,'alpro'soya milk,'provamel'vegan chocolate custard,'sainsburys' dairy-free custard and some other stuff.more than i thought actually!

well,i hope that was at least a little bit interesting!sorry for the delay,but thank you so much for your requests,nice to know people do read my blog.i urge anybody reading this to do it themselves and tell me so i can ask to see your homes!(sorry i missed yours danielle!)



  1. Great story! I'll try to do the same these days, not sure I can do it today, because I'll have to take some photos.

    Thanks for letting us take a peek in your life-style.

  2. very nice craft space. It all looks wonderful.

  3. ooh I love nosing at other peoples 'spaces'...thanks for showing us! i do love your crafting space..I'm jealous!hehe x

  4. ahh I love all of this! Thanks for letting us peek into your home, so awesome.