Friday, 20 November 2009

it's 12.19am

and if you were on my facebook,you would know just how bummed i am that i'm not at the midnight showing of new moon.this sucks.i booked my tickets over a month ago,and didn't realise there was a midnight showing.our tickets are for friday late night,and sunday evening.but i wanna be there now goddamnit!my best friend saffron managed to get press tickets to go see it at 8.15pm in worcester (where she lives)...someone working in hmv just gave them to her!!!!she was a good girl and didn't spill anything,as she knows i don't wanna hear about it,but she said it is amazing.and by that she means,AMAZING!roll on friday night...

annnnnnnd,i'm gonna try get some pictures taken tomorrow for my 'ask me' blog.been pretty busy on my week off,and now i have booked a stall for the birmingham cruelty-free xmas fair (on december 12th...just a few weeks ago!),i am gonna be even busier!eeeek!this time around proceeds will be going to the ARPS (Animal Rights Prisoner Support group).

until tomorrow anyway....

ps. the wind is crazy lately...never heard it howl so much!

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