Wednesday, 18 November 2009


blog!been in wolves over the weekend with my family,and although i do miss my family like hell,i realised i am missing nothing good from wolverhampton's a dump now,so many closed shops and derelict buildings...not good:(

have the week off as i am owed holiday time from work,around 3 weeks to be i have a week off in december also,and one just after new year,as my 26th birthday is then (and,coincidentally,my twin brother's also...guffaw!).we went to ikea today to get me a desk for my 'work area' in the living room...but what i was after was out of stock.but i came back home and found a slight alternative WAS there,so back to ikea we go,when we have the chance...

i think we're going to see 2012 tomorrow:)had a driving lesson today and enjoyed it lots!roll on passing!!!!

and!that's it for now!i'm pooped!longer update and the 'ask me' photos asap,i promise xxxxx

ps. new moon in almost 2 days...


  1. im so glad you enjoyed your lesson!

    I had planned on writing a blog aimed at you and Rae about how much I hated driving, and how I love it now, and give you both happy thoughts about your learning experiences :) (i ended up watching 3 episodes of Six Feet Under instead - oops!)

    I seriously LOVED my drive home from work today, it was so awesome and I was happy and smiley and sang at the top of my lungs.

    Its wonderful, cant wait til you pass and you get to enjoy driving all on your own, no instructor telling you what to do.

    So no blog, as it is bedtime, but I have now imparted my happy driving thoughts to you so my work here is done!x

  2. which work desk did you want and which one did you end up picking up? I've been searching craigslist and freecycle for a temporary cheap one but haven't found much.

  3. Happy to hear that you were with the family during the weekend and I'm also happy and proud of you that you really like the driving lesson.

    You should have posted a photo of the desk you bought, that's what I did when I bought a new mattress last week.