Friday, 13 November 2009


has every office,or workplace,got one of those people who have to make things ten times more difficult than it actually is?

that person who never asks about you and your life,but loves going off on a tangent about theirs...even when you haven't asked?

the worker who ignores you,even when you say hello,when they're in a bad mood?

the member of staff who occasionally speaks to you nicely,but most of the time loves treating you as if you're their minion (even though they're not management)?

these are all seperate people...and none of the people that would be reading this (hello kim!)...but i'm thinking,maybe there is one of each of these people in most jobs?


  1. i have at least one of each of these people!

    boo hiss! people like us should be the management!x

  2. I had them all in my last job, but I never paid attention to them and that taught them their lesson.

    I think everyone know or has know someone that you described above.

  3. Hi :)
    Now you got me thinking who you are referring to! So glad you said no-one who would be reading this, or I would get so paraniod! Humans eh, who'd 'ave 'em!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend in Wolves.