Wednesday, 11 November 2009

lonely lonely lonely

i feel horrible today.i really do.i hate that when mikee does have work it's like 4-1am or something like that.and because i've been off work sick today and been in bed until 3pm,i feel even worse.i'm trying to arrange going back to wolverhampton this weekend as mikee is working friday night and then going to manchester sunday-monday for a's not an awful long time to be alone.but it feels silly sitting in on my own when i could visit my family.just not looking forward to taking the boys on the train.i can just see them going crazy when the conductor comes to collect my ticket.gah.

and on a plus note,i finally went to watch saw 6 at the cinema last night.i expected to hate it,as saw 5 was so rubbish.i'm a huge saw fan,and so was pleased because i thought saw 6 was awesome!some parts of the previous films got explained that i hadn't even thought about...really awesome.and mikee's friend who works at cineworld got us in free,which was an added bonus!:D


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  2. Feeling horrible is not a nice thing, but if you look back to your day yesterday "the movie was great, tickets were free" Then that's 2 things you should be feeling fine about.

    OK, 3 days alone is a very long time, but I'm sure if you want to visit your family really bad, then you can get your energy out of that and get over your sickness. If you're too sick and you can't, then just hang in there and blog about your weekend days. I'll be here to comment on them and keep you busy reading my comments and maybe make you feel happier ;)

  3. awwww,that's so kind of you!i feel a lot better now thank you.people must think i'm quite miserable,but blogging about things like this means i don't have to 'live it' if that makes sense?it's like i'm purging the feelings and that means my day is a lot more's good to get things off your chest:)
    i feel a lot better now and am planning to visit my family this weekend which i'm looking forward to!what plans do you have?x

  4. Well, I have almost the same things planned every week.

    You know, you just gave me an idea what my blog should be. Had totally no idea.

    I'm going to write a blog write now and if you read it, you will know exactly how I spend my days and what I will be doing in the weekend. By the way, did you know that I have another blog, where I talk about my passion for photography?

    Don't forget to read my blog after a while ;)