Tuesday, 10 November 2009

cancelling driving lesson=


tell me,how did you all find learning to drive/



  1. Learning to drive was easy for me, started at 12 and was taught by an uncle.

    Why it was easy? Well, I guess its because I didn't have to do any driving exams back then and could get my driving license at the age of 14.

    If you think "where in the world can such thing happen" Well, 15 years ago in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

    Don't stress out about driving, just relax and think of it as a hobby you're really passionate about. If you do, you'll find it to be much easier.

  2. wee wee, you know how much I hated learning! It took me 5 years to pass my test (I'm not trying to put you off with that, just illustrate how long I procrastinated!) and now I LOVEEEEE driving! I used to get all panicky too :(

    Just think of how wonderful it will be when you can jump in the car for an adventure, and drive and come see me :P xxx

  3. One day it will just 'click' and you will know you can drive. I didn't pass until my fourth test. the first three i knew i had failed, the fourth one just seemed 'right'. it did take a long time, over a few years, as i stopped and started again. don't pressure yourself into how long it should take, I always think it takes as long as it takes. I love being able to drive and having a car, it gives me such freedom, definately my biggest luxury.

  4. ahhhh thank you kim <3 makes me feel a little better about it all xxxx