Monday, 9 November 2009

everyone's a doctor nowadays

over the weekend i have been feeling pretty lousy.aches and pains,painful and iffy tummy,and general 'fuzziness'.i think it is down to the antibiotics i have been taking for my ear infection,so i have stopped taking them.i guess i need to go see the doctor again,see if they can prescribe me an alternative...

anywho,so today i'm a little better and at work.i had a quick go on the nhs' 'online symptom checker' for swine flu (we really shouldn't be blaming it on the pigs...) and was given a code to go pick up i really don't think i do have swine flu,i have only some of the symptoms and i felt well enough to come into work...but i decided to ring my doctors anyway just to check,and the receptionist said someone would call me later.

i mentioned this to a work friend who told me that unless you have a temperature,it's not swine flu.i then told my manager,as she came into the kitchen when i was checking my temperature.she said i wouldn't be able to move if i had swine flu.again,i'm pretty sure i don't have it.but,it makes me giggle at everyone and their doctor ambitions!

UPDATE: so,the doctor called me back and i told him my symptoms.he said that he thought it was simply a side effect of the antibiotics i was taking,and suggested i just stick to drinking water and eating plain foods,such as rice.i'm gonna twist that a little to noodles i think.not sure what to replace the water with yet...i just really find water so bland and icky,unless it's a boiling hot day and i'm thirsty as hell.

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