Friday, 6 November 2009

hello there:)

first of all...two weeks today until new moon is released!i have my tickets booked,one set for the friday showing (super late,hoping to miss the crowds...yeah right!)for me and mikee, and another two tickets booked for the sunday showing.hopefully a friend of mine (justine) is coming down from bristol to see it with me.she too is majorly obsessed with anything twilight,and i think it would be awesome to go see it with a fellow twihard!she's coming down with her boyfriend simon,who has been a good friend of mikee's for a while,so they're gonna hang out while justine and i go see our 2nd showing of new moon (she also has tickets booked for the release day).eeee,excitement!mikee is making me giggle lately because he keeps suggesting we watch twilight,and when i make a joke about him loving twilight as much as me,he tries to convince me he's asking incase i want to watch it!plus last night he said he was excited about seeing new moon because "i've (me) hyped it up so much for him".yeah yeah,whatever!!!

this poster makes me laugh,edward's head looks so superimposed!

finally it seems winter is upon us!it's chilly today!it was super warm at the end of last week/start of this week,so it's nice to finally get that winter chill.i love winter!i love everything about it!the dark days,the dark nights,the cold,the excuse to wrap up warm and wear lots of layers...i'm a total winter girl,i don't like the summer that much.i mean,i do like going out more to places like the park and the beach.but i have always found summer to be really unsettling.i feel like i should constantly be out when the evenings are light,and it may go back to when i was a child/teenager.i was social,but that didn't really start properly until around 16 or until that and here and there after that age,i used to find myself feeling very lonely on the summer evenings,thinking everybody but me was out and about,doing something exciting.i've always hated that feeling of missing out.i was,and still am,a weird girl!but yes,i do love much.

last night was bonfire night!we didn't do anything.last week was halloween!we,uh,didn't do anything!my friend saffy and her boyfriend steve were due to come back to south wales for the weekend,which they did.but steve was ill,so they had to cancel.mikee and i were still going to go ahead and go see dawn of the dead,which was showing at the buffalo bar in town.but by the time we had discussed it,and it was clear that saffy and steve weren't coming,we were tired and feeling we ended up just staying in!to be honest though,i think we were both relieved.we were pretty tired,and mikee was going to london for a few days with an old friend of his on the monday,so he needed to save his energy,and his money,for that!i guess the way we are anyway,halloween is a pretty strong theme for us all through the year!

as i mentioned,bonfire night was last night.up until i met mikee,it never really occurred to me the reasons behind the bonfire night traditions.and even then i didn't particularly celebrate's just not on my list of things to do...go and stand in the cold darkness watching fireworks go off.i do remember when i was young though...going to a bonfire,and taking baked potatoes wrapped in foil with's amazing the things you remember.the feelings of being a child are priceless.whenever i think back,there was a feeling,an atmosphere to my younger years.i can't explain it,but i do miss it.

anyway,yes,bonfire a lot of anarchists do not celebrate bonfire night,as it marks the anniversary of the failure of the gunpowder plot by guy fawkes.basically guy fawkes was a leader of a group of so-called 'anarchists' who plotted to blow up the houses of parliament.this sounds very anarchist so far.but reading into it (ie. looking at google,wikipedia,yahoo questions...)it looks more to me like religious extremism,as the gang were catholics who disaproved of the protestants (for many reasons) and wanted to blow them without going into all the details,though it is all very interesting (i wish i'd gone on to study history sometimes),to me the anarchist tag that has been put onto mr guido fawkes is maybe not deserved.i guess v for vendetta's guy fawkes connetion does confuse the matter.but i do love that film.

well,i've enjoyed blogging this morning!i'm not doing it as often lately,what with being busy with my crafting ventures,and work being busier,but i will hopefully continue to update any of you that are doing me the honour of reading what i get up to!


  1. Thanks for following my blog and wanted to say I love reading your blogs!

  2. hello soon as i get a spare few minutes i fully intend to have a good read of your blog!:)thank you for following mine!x

  3. Yay I am also SO excited for New Moon! I love reading your posts :) xo

  4. aw thank you so much danielle!you are one of my go to bloggers as soon as i get a spare minute!you and hank always make my heart warm and fuzzy x

  5. Weeeeeee! So excited midnight showing here I come then Cardiff here I come... I go past a shop every day twice a day with cardboard cut out Edward... I neeeed it hahah