Wednesday, 9 December 2009

dolly dearest december

so,christmas is almost here,and i have not done a thing for it yet.not a thing.i am so busy getting things ready for my stall this saturday that i don't have time for anything daily schedule consists of work (9-5) and then crafting from then on,until i go to bed,which is around 1am at the moment.but i do love it,and i'm hoping the fair will be busy this saturday.if not only so that i don't have to carry all of it back again...20+ diaries and 10 sock monkeys (as well as lots of other bits and bobs)are gonna be a bit of a pain to carry on the train!

i'm hoping i make some money for the Animal Rights Prisoner Support group,they do such a good thing;providing support and help to all the AR prisoners in's awful that they end up in prison for trying to save animals,and not hurting anyone.the sentences they get are shocking,it is not a rarity for them to get more than murderers and rapists do.that's crazy.

besides getting ready for the stall,i have had a few orders from work colleagues (mainly stocking fillers for their family/friends) which is awesome,but which means i have to put those before the fair,as they need the presents as soon as possible,so they can get their christmas shopping all wrapped up (quite literally!).but the extra money is helping me buy materials(and eat!)too.

so,all is busy,but i'm loving it.i'm thinking that it won't always be this hectic,as most of the orders are christmas presents,but i will try and find 'business' some way else after the festive season!i'm keeping an eye on the local,and not-so-local,craft/vegan and veggie fairs,hoping i can book a stall in advance.i have a stall at one of mikee's gigs next week,which should be fun.there's a couple of other stalls which i think will make it an awesome event.a local psychobilly band called the cowboy and the corpse will be headlining,so it should be super fun!i am then also hoping to do a stall at a monthly craft fair in newport at a place called le pub(which is,coincidentally,a pub!).that should be awesome too.eeee,so exciting!
i am also hoping to set up a website for dolly dearest soon,mikee has a friend who has offered to design it for me.'s all go!but it's super fun,and hopefully i will make some money at the fair this weekend for the prisoners who have sacrificed their freedom for the animals.



  1. sounds busy but in a good way! i want a giant sock monkey! lol they are amazing...

  2. You seem to be going through a hectic time and I'm really happy that you're happy about it and not just doing it because it has to be done.

    I hope you sell everything you make and also be able to help the prisoners who sacrificed their freedom for animals.

    Be strong and have faith in yourself. Keep up the good work girl!

  3. thanks M!fingers crossed i make some money this saturday x