Wednesday, 9 December 2009

i want to love christmas again

i remember christmas as a child,and as an early teenager.i used to love it.i used to lie awake for hours on christmas eve,so excited i couldn't sleep.i remember the atmosphere it had,the 'christmas feeling' that seemed to be in the house,outside,at was amazing.when i think back on it all,it astounds me.we never had a lot of money,but that didn't make a wasn't just about presents (though we had plenty!),it was everything.something i can't put into words.i miss loving christmas.i haven't bothered about it for years now.last christmas,i didn't even put any kind of decorations up.but i think we may this christmas.mikee hates i think,for him,and for me,i'm gonna try make it extra special this year.even though we will be apart over the day itself as we will be with our families,i'm going to try make this a special time for us.


  1. aww <3 i know exactly how you feel...i used to get so pumped! now its like, oh ho hum, another day.

    I'm 21. I love twilight. A huge fan. so no one was surprised when i bought tickets for the first showing of new moon, although i did get a few eye rolls. I get the same sort of rush of excitement from something like that as I used to get when i was little, for birthdays and christmas and such. So now I just wholly embrace anything that makes me feel that way, no matter if people make fun of me or not :).

  2. You shouldn't rob yourself of the joy Christmas brings with it just because your partner doesn't like it. As I said before, try to talk with him about it and make is very special, not only for him, but for yourself too.

    We have the same thing going on here but this time, its me who have been against lots of Christmas lights. Just because my family are away, but I've always took my girlfriends desire into consideration and we always have a few lights.

    This year, I was the one that suggested we put on more Christmas lights and stuffs.

    Try to have fun this year, because Christmas only happens once a year.

  3. Just keep in mind what Christmas means for you. To many it is all about being with those you love and really taking it all in. We take many things that we have for granted and I think that one you do that the excitement of it all will change. I am 27 and I still get excited about Christmas. This is my families favorite time of the year and that has always stuck with me. I put on those songs of joy and just melt into it all. I <3 Christmas and I say please have fun and enjoy yourself.

  4. aw,thank you all!i totally agree,you have to grab what you love,no matter what people think or say!happiness can be hard to come by!(i'm a massive "twihard" too!)
    i am definitely going to try make this christmas special,and i hope you all have a great time too (and blog about it,of course!) xxxx

  5. I am glad I stumbled across your blog. I la la love it. I know exactly what Christmas feeling you are talking about when you were a child.

    Sarah Ann

  6. lovely to meet you sarah ann!just clicked to follow you,can't wait to hear what you've been up to <3

  7. I'm glad you're getting into the christmas spirit. There's always such warmth and joy about it. Sure plenty of things go wrong during it but who cares. ha. I'm excited for next years christmas since we'll have a baby and they'll get to have those same feelings we did when we were younger.

  8. aw,i bet you can't wait for your little one to arrive...and i agree,i bet christmas will be so much more special with a baby all of your own:)i've heard a lot of parents say the magic can 'reappear' when the children come along x