Thursday, 10 December 2009

i love wu and wu

so,mikee and i had a little walk around town after i finished work yesterday,as i needed to get some sock monkey making supplies.we don't get a huge amount of time together lately,so it's always nice when we do grab an evening together.
we popped to john lewis,which has recently opened in st. davids centre.i hate places like john lewis.overpriced,impersonal and devoid of individuality department store...makes me shudder!we were going in just to check out the ribbon they had there...i'd heard it was expensive (it was),but the selection wasn't great i decided just to leave it and use the remainder of the ribbon i had at home.
however i did see something which really made me smile...i've seen the wu and wu tins before,though i'm not quite sure where.they had the cutest little sewing tin there,that i hope to purchase when i get paid.i decided to have a look at the website,and it was full of adorable stuff!and fairly decent prices too (average price is £15).always so nice to find sites like this one,it makes me want to buy all of it!


  1. There adoreable

  2. I agree, very cute. You must show us what you purchase when you can.

  3. aaaaaah these are adorable!!! the sewing kit...want.