Wednesday, 23 December 2009

hey,i'm a douche

So I feel a little silly that I stopped following someone because they trashed twilight.gah,I can't help it,I get passionate!oops,but yes,I can be a douche.

At the moment I am lying in bed blogging on the crackberry,I'm at my moms y'see,so no laptop action for's kinda nice to have a break,I do spend too much time online.but having the blackberry now means I can still go online.just in a smaller,and more frustrating,way.

Today I got the train to wolves,to spend christmas with the boys.its always hard leaving mikee and well as my own things.I'm a homely kinda gal,like my home surroundings.but hey,it's christmas,so I guess I just need to get on with it.I won't be back in cardiff now until sunday now,so I will be so glad to see the boys on my return!
Nb. I always call bambi and bela 'the boys' or 'the little men',and also lump mikee into it,when the occasion arises!

Today has been a good mom picked me up from town,after I had collected some vegan cupcakes I had ordered from a lovely lady called kitty,who runs a cake company called alternicakes.she is an absolute darling,so friendly and chatty.and the cakes...mmmm.delicious!(I will post pics when I can get to a computer).
My mom and I went to the pub we usually eat at,where we have a carvery,but without the meat mom's not even veggie but doesn't want to eat meat around me,even though I assure her it's okay to!to be honest though,I know she feels bad about the way meat is produced etc.,so I think she enjoys the odd veggie meal.
By the way,for those that may not know,a carvery is where you go up and help yourself to roast vegetables,and you can pick your meat,if you eat it obviously!

After the pub,we went to morrisons supermarket,as I needed to pick up some vegan friendly treats for the next few was manic in there and I was glad to get out of there!the rest of the afternoon was spent at my moms,eating,napping and watching tv!I don't watch tv at all,so it's more of a novelty nowadays for me.I think my tv interest was replaced by the internet a few years ago.ah,the wonders of streaming!

Not long after we had been back,one of the cats from the farm across the road came over.we call her 'pretty cat',she has the cutest little face!my mom feeds them fairly regularly as they are feral cats,and the farmer won't feed them as he wants them to catch mice.I don't like farming and the people that use animals for their own devices,so this doesn't endear me to them any more!a tiny kitten also came over,mewing away and rubbing up to me.apparently the 4 kittens over there do get fed,but are still treated as less than broke my heart to see this little gorgeoud creature outside in the freezing cold.

So now,after a fairly long day,I'm gonna try sleep as it's fairly late.I hope you're all well and enjoying the christmas festivites!and I noticed I now have 57 followers!that is crazy,but awesome!thank you so much!you all make me feel all warm and fuzzy!:
) xxx


  1. Christmas with my family I meant!though I wish it was with my boys too!(Woulda edited that bit but still haven't got the hang of blogger on this phone!)

  2. My mother in law took in two feral cats this winter because she thinks it's too cold for them outside. They live in her bathroom (because she also has 4 indoor dogs) and use a litter box and everything.

  3. Alternicakes? That's awesome. I love funny vegetarian and vegan names for things. Not Dogs and tofurkey were my previous favorites, but I think Alternicakes might just work their way in!

  4. Aw dorian,your mother in law sounds awesome!I would so let the cats in if it was my place!

    And...not dogs!that's brilliant!:p