Monday, 28 December 2009

christmas with wolves

get it?cuz i'm from wolverhampton (wolves for short)?!ahem,anyway!hope you have all had a fab christmas,have enjoyed reading all the posts and looking at the pretty pictures!i have only got back to cardiff this afternoon,since wednesday 23rd i have been with my family in was a good christmas,but i think most families find that they have arguments over this period...well,maybe!i stayed at my moms the whole time (except for last night,i stayed over at my dads),and slept on this awesome blow up bed that takes like 60 seconds literally to inflate!beats sleeping on the floor (my mom lives in a one bedroom bungalow)!but,it will be nice to be back in my own bed tonight (even if we do desperately need a new one!)anywho,here's some photos!

the vegan cupcakes i brought from kitty of Alternicakes!


my dad and elder brother robert (jasmine's dad)

is jasmine one of the only not-even 3 year olds to have a portable dvd player?not sure i'm keen on the idea,but she does seem to love it!

my brothers wife and jasmine's mom,tracy...and of course jasmine!

jasmine opening one of her presents<3

my twin brother,kevin

pretty tree:)


  1. love your pictures! :) glad your holiday was great! (minus the arguments)

  2. thank you lovely ladies!i hope you had a good christmas?
    ps. jessica, the cupcakes were lush!so delicious!:)