Monday, 28 December 2009

so there was something

making me very angry,and also upset,over my christmas stay in mom lives in a suburban area,but really randomly,there is a farm opposite her.i don't like farms and i don't like farmers.i'm sure some are lovely,but what they do...their view of animals as a's just plain wrong.

anyway,there are quite a few feral cats around the area,that my mom and her neighbours often feed.i do feel bad for this little lot,as they can't have an easy regular feeding times and no home to go into.they're out in all weathers,and i saw them huddling up on my mom's doorstep a few nights (as well as the neighbours') and it was snowy out.i so badly wanted to let them in and feed them,let them get warm.but i know they most likely wouldn't want to come in,it's against
their nature being feral (wild) cats.

but you see,this farmer also has 4 kittens.apparently one of his cats gave birth to two of them,and the other two,the farmers daughter 'adopted' from an animal shelter.these kittens are not feral cats,they are regular,domesticated,tiny kittens.

one kitten in particular ran over to me a few times,crying to come in.she (she looked like a girl,so pretty!) and one of the other kittens even got in at one point,but i had to put them back out.mainly as my mom has a cat who would not take kindly to them.

it has been really freaking freezing over the last week or so.these little darlings should not be left mom knows the farmer,who is around his mid-eighties,and his daughter,who does a lot around the she knows that they prefer the kittens to be outside.they see these kittens as 'mice/rat catchers' and don't feed them much.they obviously don't care for broke my heart to see these cats/kittens outside in the cold.i so desperately wanted to do something,but as it wasn't my house i couldn't.i did feed them a lot though,and petted and stroked the kittens as much as i could when i saw them.the feral cats would never let anyone stroke them,totally against their nature!

this farmer also has a dog,who you hear bark from time to time.i asked my mom if this dog was always chained up outside and she said yes.apparently this dog is tied up all the time,day and night,outside.this is awful.beyond awful.what a waste of a beautiful creatures life,and just so made me even angrier.i wish that my mom didn't live across the road and know these people.i know that something could maybe be sorted out to help these neglected animals out,but it's a tricky dad suggested reporting them to the rspca.i am considering this,but i can't see them taking it seriously (it would mainly be about the dog,as there wouldn't be 'evidence'as such when it comes to the kittens).

things like this make me feel so many emotions.i felt so helpless.

but on a brighter note,here's some photos of the cat's at feeding time!


  1. :( That is a tricky situation. Those poor kitties and the tied up dog deserve better. I hope your mom's neighbor's come to their senses.

  2. That's a very difficult situation. I don't know what I would do.

    The kittens don't look as if they've not been eating, so I guess they take good care of themselves and have already gotten used to the situation.

    Any way, its good that you talked about their situation here and hopefully you got it out of your mind.

  3. hey Maria, The RSPCA should at least look into it, as a law was passed recently about 'basic duty of care' with animals, and I think it involves room to exercise/shelter etc, I'll have to look it up. please don't do nothing, as it will 'eat' away at you, at least if you try to do something, there is hope.

  4. Awww--how sad for those kitties and puppy!! I know how you feel--I pretty much treat my animals like people (which most people find wierd) but I just love them all so much!

    I'm glad your trip there and back went fairly well! And thank you for all your sweet words!

  5. I agree with My Vegan World... the RSPCA should definitely atleast look into it. Maybe the 'owners' are just oblivious to their misdoings and somekind of formal intervention from a professional organisation might atleast give them a wake up call as to how they should be treating their animals properly.

  6. Aww, yah that's hard. Those little animals don't deserve that!

    I have to agree, you should at least try and let the RSPCA know.

    Good luck lady!

  7. Aww, what a sad situation! It's one of those things that either way you feel like you don't know what to do.